Meet Katrina, the inventor of BelleBelly

KatrinaBluntBelleBelly was designed by mum of three Katrina Blunt whilst she was pregnant with her second daughter.

Katrina bought a couple of bump bands when she was pregnant with her first baby in 2006 but they just made her feel even bigger than she was already feeling.  They certainly couldn’t be worn whilst breastfeeding so ended up banished to her knicker drawer never to be worn again.

When pregnant with her second baby in 2008, Katrina set about finding some clothing that she could feel confident and comfortable in.  She wanted something she could use to cover her belly when her normal clothes were getting tight, and cover her up when she was breastfeeding.

Katrina couldn’t find anything in the UK so set about designing the item herself.

BelleBelly was launched in May 2010 and continues to grow every month.  Katrina prides herself on offering good quality products and fantastic customer service, which is reflected in the customer feedback BelleBelly receives.

Katrina had baby number three in 2013 and used a BelleBelly every day as she breastfeed her son for a year.

She says:

Breastfeeding in public what to wear BelleBelly"If, like me, you’ve ever worried about exposing the bits you’d rather keep hidden while breastfeeding your baby and wondered how you can remove the anxiety you feel when nursing in public.  Or perhaps you’re in the latter stages of pregnancy and haven’t experienced this yet…

"When I was pregnant with my second daughter I had flashbacks to nursing my eldest.  I remembered how I wished I could feel happier breastfeeding in public, not feeling the need to hide in the toilets or express in advance just so I could enjoy a shopping trip or a coffee with friends.

"Memories haunted me of tucking muslins into the bottom of my bra and the top of my jeans, then my daughter just pulling them out again whilst she was latching on leaving my belly exposed, my heart racing and feeling like everyone was staring.  Not the best ingredients for a relaxed mealtime for my baby or a happy new mum.

"So I spent a lot of time searching shops and the internet to find something I could use to make breastfeeding less stressful.  I bought quite a few different bump bands that promised to cover me up but found them totally disappointing as they often fell down, rode up or just weren’t long enough.

"I also remember the feeling of being pregnant and then just having given birth and waking every morning dreading looking in my wardrobe knowing I had nothing in there that I felt good wearing, or even fitted properly anymore!

"When I was on maternity leave with just one income coming in, we also had to be more careful spending our money, and buying endless maternity and nursing clothes just wasn’t an option.

"So I thought “if only I could come up with an item of clothing that would cover my bump when I’d grown too big for even my maternity clothes, would cover my entire belly and back when breastfeeding, and would mean I could avoid spending £££s on nursing clothes”.

So I did.

"Coming up with the idea was just the start of it.  This led to many months of product design, market research, sourcing suppliers, financing the business, etc.

"The result of all this has been the successful launch of BelleBelly.

"After I had baby number three, and I know I'm probably biased, BelleBelly revolutionised how I felt about breastfeeding in front of people at home and when out and about.  And wearing a BelleBelly every day meant I always had something to wear as I could get back into my own clothes again".

BelleBelly is THE essential wardrobe item for breastfeeding.